Abstraction in Pink
ink and paint on paper

The text beside the composition reads:

I have this piece that I've been struggling with... I cut shapes with craft scissors (the ones for scrapbooking with the patterned blades). The shapes are sickly pink arranged randomly on white paper. It's all abstraction really. Very unexciting. Except the edges of the paper which have been directly formed by a cheesy commodity. That's what the whole piece is hinged on.

But I'm flirting with the idea of including a narrative. Like: once I snooped through ****'s notebook and found letters that he had addressed to his mom and other people in his life. They were apologies. It was some AA exercise I'm sure. The letters were shallow and poorly written. I wondered if **** could be the one for me. Was this the extent of his capacity for remorse? I regret an awkward encounter with a Starbucks barista more deeply and poetically than he seemed to regret cheating on his ex-boyfriend.

Or: I've been sleeping with an older man. It occurs to me now that his age might be an issue. He asked me to rim him the last time we were together, which I do to **** all the time without hesitation. But this time I was grossed out. I'm considering not calling him back.

Or: A few months back I was tested for HIV and was worried. I scoured the internet for statistics, the ones that were ridiculously miniscule percentages. I became addicted to the search. Every estimated risk was different. I forgot them all except the most frightening. 1 out of 31 chance of contracting HIV for receptive anal sex. The number became confident and stubborn. Unyielding as a Minimalist sculpture. 1/31 became my life for two weeks while I waited for the results.

What the hell am I gonna do about this piece?!